50/50 – Movie Review

It’s not often that you rent a DVD of a movie whose protagonist is fighting cancer and half the time you are laughing. By laughing, I mean, in a positive way, with the seriousness of the issue untouched. Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is the quintessential “nice guy” who is diagnosed with cancer at 27. Armed with a friend who tries to take advantage of this situation to improve his own personal life, this movie deals with the whole process of day to day life of dealing with cancer, the operations and hospital visits, the side effects of the therapy etc.

50/50 Movie Poster


What sets 50/50 apart from most movies of its genre is the honesty and simplicity in the script. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance is the other driving force behind the movie; he makes it so believable that a 27 year old cancer patient does not have to do anything dramatic with his life that we forget that we are watching a movie about a possible terminally ill person. Most movies which deal with illnesses have been too melodramatic, making the movies more sad than hopeful. The illness there plays a more pivotal role than the character playing it and for a change, watching the illness be just a minor facet of the whole story in this case makes 50/50 a very likable movie. Also, by not over focusing on the personal relationships of the protagonist, the director Jonathan Levine keeps it as natural as possible. Supported by a good cast and some light music, this is one DVD I would not mind renting and watching again. Good job, Jonathan Levine & Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Image Source: http://www.50-50themovie.com/


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