God, it is killing me!

Some things should never end and somethings should never change. Like the sunrise & the sunset, the taste of filter coffee, the humor in Tom & Jerry, the wordplay of Wodehouse. Imagine the plight of a filter coffee addict when he is forced to drink a cup of instant coffee from a lousy coffee vending machine forever. Imagine how the world would react when the sun doesn’t rise on a given day. Imagine the gloom on the face of a Calvin and Hobbes fan when he does not find the strips funny and insightful anymore. That is doomsday!

To a fan, Federer not winning the Wimbledon is more than all of these. On that day, no other news can be worse than that. The match and how they played are inconsequential. The result hurts and no matter how hard the fan tries to justify to himself that it was a one off game, it is difficult to look forward to the US Open believing that Fedex, its five time champion, is not the favorite again.

For someone who has grown up watching an agile Swiss tennis player make mockery of huffing and puffing man beasts, making us smile and wonder with his effortless and graceful shots and finally fall on the center court of different grounds, a record 16 times, it is difficult to watch him lose. Especially, if it is not the finals. Especially, if it is the Wimbledon.




  1. Grace Richards · July 21, 2011

    That is not the question. Rome was not built in a day😥

  2. omalone1 · July 21, 2012

    It is difficult to compete against greater like this as they just deflect so much of what you throw at them with minimal effort but maximum finesse

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