Leader – Short Movie Review

మా తెలుగు తల్లికి మల్లెపూదండ,
మా కన్నతల్లికి మంగళారతులు,
కడుపులో బంగారు కనుచూపులో కరుణ,
చిరునవ్వులో సిరులు దొరలించు మాతల్లి.

When you opened the news paper today morning or switched on any news channel, what was the first thing that you saw? A hyped up tennis star’s wedding to a Pakistani cricketer who has several cases on his head? Match results of how one Bollywood star’s commercialized cricket team defeated another in a league game? Political activists protesting against cheerleaders in those games? In the worst case, Women’s Bill, which is of no use to the 500 million Indian women.

India is a nation torn between terrorism, naxalism, an incompetent government, bollywood, racism, cricket and utterly negligent public. Rubbishing the Mahatma has become an unofficial national pastime, says this good man. But yet, once in a while, miracles do happen. Ladies and gentlemen, one supremely lazy bugger had warned me strongly that against watching this movie Leader and assured me that it will put me to sleep. I took the risk.

Set in the midst of a political crisis where the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has been assassinated and his rivals try to gain control, the young son of the deceased  CM is determined to be the next CM. The first half deals with the trauma of his father passing away and how with the help of a few friends, he manages to win the majority and becomes the CM. The genuine political craftsmanship with which the protagonist outwits his rivals is a treat to watch.  The rest half of the movie is how he fights all odds to retain the seat.

We all rubbish our state so much but how many here can actually write fluently in a language we have been speaking and reading since we were born?

Blended with some nice  numbers and one song in particular”Maa Telugu Thalli Ki“, this pseudo-offbeat movie is a good entertainer with a social message, something which one wouldn’t mind. From a Telugu Film Industry perspective, this is a welcome change.

Give it a watch!



P.S. I loved the way the Mahatma’s statue was pictured in this film.

P.P.S. My shortest movie review ever, also the first Gult Review 😀


One comment

  1. Akhilesh · May 28, 2010

    by the way..go for Prasthanam if you want to see a real political drama…….

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