Insipre Me!

It is not everyday that you come across a person whom you can look upto & say “I want to be like that”. When I say “look upto”, I am talking of something really charismatic about that person, something that appeals to us. When we look back at the last many years of our lives, we tend to recollect the most recent of the relationships or ppl in our lives but the truth is that, for us to be who we are today, in the better sense of the word, we owe a lot to people in our past.To name parents and family as the cheif contributors of one’s progress is a common thing, and to include them is again common and I hate being common :D…. So, presenting to you three people to whom I am thankful and before that, for the sake of privacy, some of the names are withheld.

Ms. E :

Sitting in a class room in the first bench, was a short little boy who had never heard of the word confidence and had hated the English language. He believed that everything is OK and there is nothing he can do to change the way things happen and the only people who can do such things are big studs. His definition of cool, like any 10 year old, was to watch T.V. and play cricket. If he grew up this way, he would have, in a course of 10 years, been an ordinary joe (notice the small letters).

Then entered  the scene, a young teacher, one Ms. E. She was a perfectionist, a great orator and more than anything else, she used her wit to keep the class engaged, some of the things this kid had never known before. English Grammar classes are damn sleepy and  every generation of students sleep in them. In her’s, they were all eyes and ears for her. She was adamant about her penchant for her students to be ‘Gentlemen’. Wonder why, but she insisted on all guys to respect women more than themselves; not in the sense of feminism but as a mark of equality towards the gentler sex.

Her innocent unknown attempts to reform the life of that kid did not end there. A firm believer in the quote

I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book.

She always carried some book or the other to the class room and made it a point that every one goes to the library and reads books & NOT comics. Citations can be given regarding this, which will serve as examples but am sure they will bore the reader. Hence will leave it here… A Big Thank You.

V Krishna Mohan…. an unassumingly pleasent guy, then in his early 30s, is NOT a very good teacher of chemistry for a class which has to take competetive exams and score cent per cent in it. Man, he wanted things to just work & did not care if it was good or bad, unlike most of us. If it works, it will do. Who cares about the best when all you need to bother about is what you want? Rightly put sir. He’s the opposite of a perfectionist and was damn lazy. I know,  its criminal to talk of teachers like this, but I treat ppl as equals. For our 11th standard, he took a suject which was of little significance to our exams while a very senior person was taking the important subject. An year later, he stepped into the shoes of the elderly gentleman and must say, he brought about quite a change in the system and the way things worked around there. The word ‘change’ here refers to changing the attitude of the people around the place. For a competettive exam, preperation is not sufficient, one needs to know what to prepare and this guy here not only knew how to get such useful information but also shared his techniques us. He was the first person I came across, who believed in openly expressing displeasure. That actually is the only way, change can come in. Also, he is a person who knew how to make people feel more important than they thought they were and as a teacher he did a great job there.

Thanks to and your stories on Walking Alone… your chemistry knowledge’s significance ended the day I gave the exam but the way you treated it did help me in the long run. And will the note with your very own quote:

Ignorance is acceptable but attitude is not.

This is a long pending will come back with the rest the next time I am super high!!!!!
Au Revoir



  1. Richie · August 14, 2009

    VKM rite..yes yes. i remember him. sweet guy.
    he took pride in flaunting his new shirts :), the tales abt the exhaust fan falling off his kitchen wall. most importantly the no. of times he re-told the same oragnic chem, to get it into us. *applause* admirable.

    Nice perspective. Good post.

  2. Pranav Kumar V · August 26, 2009

    Damn cool!! Attitude… like hell!! its acceptable too!! 😐 And who’s the 3rd person?? Where?? When?? How??

    • Kalyan Ram Vempati · August 26, 2009

      IT was his IDEA.. I respect originality & pasted it… You think I wont like attitude??? Lazy to write about the 3rd.. will get back soon on that

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