Random thoughts

Over the last few weeks, I have been posting lyrics & translations more than blogging in the essential spirit. Now I realized, am pretty high on emotions and have decided that the self imposed exile needs to end as one’s best comes out when emotions run high. So, here you go.

There were several reasons for this self imposed exile.  Those who know me, know how radical I am and how easily I get distracted. But one of things I have always liked about myself was my ability to take stiff decisions and do what I felt was right and this : the ability to say NO to people close to me, both of these were going down. Then a friend of mine reminded me that not all changes are good and to be optimistic about all of them is also not  good, so I decided to do a system scan.

The results of the scan were :

Well to start off, 10 months of corporate culture can bring changes in how we behave with people but that is secondary. The significant thing is how I treat people who matter to me, after all this change. To give in to somebody else’s ideas to make another somebody else happy…when I have some far better ideas of my own. In short, resistance decreases.

Next, we get trapped into this professional organization where we have to be nice to everyone, whether we like it or not. Like, we all have faced this before, where we have to be nice to a bunch of very senior guys as they  going to decide when we get promoted or in college where they decide our marks. I know that we have to be ourselves & stick to our morals but trust me, its all crap. Its a good philosophy which works very well in college but no where else. Can you go to a wedding & stand in the corner without your parents telling you to be more social? One may say, don’t go to weddings. But here the analogy is Weddings are similar to Corporate companies. You are not interested in all the aspects of it but on the first of every month, you will be happy!

I have been fortunate that the company I am in has been pretty lenient on most of the corporate formalities and ppl are pretty chill about the way one works but nothing is absolute na. It comes across once in a while and that pisses one off. You feel like being nice to people after that, but that again is reducing the resistance factor.

So how do we get back to the brick hearted person we once were? System Restore.

I call all this being nice to unwanted ppl, giving in to somebody else’s plans as Good Boy Skills Technology 1.o. It has stopped at 1.0. Coz, the next version is obsolete.


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