Relax, it means nothing!

Sometimes, in the course of things, and our prevailing mindsets, a movie which might be a cheap Indian version of American Beauty might appear as a masterpiece, even if it heavily criticized and called a no-brainer….am referring to the movie ‘Dil, Dosti Etc.’ We can sit and discuss the star cast, the plot, the unnecessary obscenity and mindless music of the movie since these make up a quintessential Bollywood movie. But we can do another thing too, ignore that this movie had a star cast, close our eyes and ears when all the obscenity and foul language is used, and jump directly to the plot and more importantly, dialogs.

Dil Dosti Etc

The plot is a pretty weird college life story which revolves around the philosophies of a ‘careless cosmopolitan rich son’ and the dreams of a Bihari ‘politician in the making’. It starts of this way

“When you are young, you believe that the possibilities are endless”

….so true, at 16 we believe we are the best the world has ever seen but when we see that there are a lot more people like us, we realize we have to create possibilities. Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade) and Apurv (Imaad Shah) are the two college students who also happen to reside in the same hostel.  He comes across another collegian Prerna (Nikita Anand) who aspires to be a model. Apurv comes from an affluent family but somewhere he finds excitement in discovering things which cannot be seen in everyday life. He visits a prostitute Vaishali (Smriti Mishra) and at the same time tries to woo a school-girl Kintu (Ishita Sharma). Sanjay cannot understand how Apurv can lend his heart to two women at the same time and the latter reacts by saying that ‘love’ is only a four letter word. So Sanjay challenges Apurv to make three women fall in love with him before his election results are declared. Sounds stupid? Told you, the story is weird.

The movie gets the feel from the coldness of Apurv and the way he delivers his dialogs.

Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

One road leads to many others, dont know where this will take me.

Lagta hai saari zindagi padi hai,kuch bhi paa sakthe hai…
Hazaaron mauke milenge, jinhe sachhai mein badalne ke liye chahiye sirf chaahat..

Jo aapki ek khwaaish poori ho sakein toh kya maangenge aap??
Daulat, shauharat, pyaar ya dosti??

This whole story can be related to what is going on in our lives, the fact that we compromise and sacrifice a lot and make and break relationships and more importantly lose a part of ourselves in order to get or achieve something. And after getting that, we regret that we have lost a lot and realize that we have learnt a lesson, a very brutal lesson. Coming to the best dialogs …they were prolly kept for the end.

Ab kya manzil aur kya faasle?
Lagta hain sab fark mit gaye

Kya humein wahi mila jo hum chaahte the??
Hum apni chaahat ko paane ke liye kya kuch nahi karte??
Lekin kabhi sab daon pe lagaake bhi kuch mile tho,
Lagta hain ki humne zindagi se yeh toh nahi maanga tha…

So finally, the movie ends in a state of confusion which is very similar to mine. So, I guess I liked it for that reason. My state of confusion in life reflects the fact that one thing cannot alone amuse me. I’m passionate about too many things in Life.

Watch this with a very very broad mind and a small piece of info, no girl I know has liked this movie even a single bit. Oh yeah, the Dialog of the movie : Relax, it means nothing. Watch the movie to understand it.