When I write about my friends, one person I can’t or shouldn’t miss out is ALAG.

Wondering how he got that name? Once upon a time, a pathetic movie was released with a lot of hype and our hero looked like a replica of that movie’s title character & rest, ladies and gentleman, is history. There were a few stories written on him and a movie script titled – Alagananda : The Man with a Reason. This was when our hero would first give a reason & do something.

A brief overview of how he differs from the others:

  1. In all the four years, every time somebody was “Given Hand”, it was taken for granted that ALAG is involved. Trust me, it was always right. To a certain extent, he went on to get the title: ALAG, because of that. He was ultra popular for this quality of his. Anyone from ECE B batch of 2008 can give you examples on this.
  2. He starts every sentence with “Nee Yabba”, in a tone which is very similar to the song “Ya Rabba” from Salaam E Ishq. (Guess, am becoming a PJ expert now.)
  3. He was very notorious for drawing Engg. Graphics Charts for girls in first year but never for his so called friends…..
  4. He was very popular for confusing Ms. Jacqueline Veronica with his great speeches, opinions, comments and suggestions. I don’t know the reason but when the whole class used to take a stand, this chap used to stand up and start blabbering something in some unknown language till Ms. Veronica said “True. Very True.” Then, a happier, Alag, his ego boosted up, would smile.

Looks like Ghajini, doesnt he?

Like in any Indian movie, if the end is not good, then it not the end. So here is the good part:

  1. Some two years back, eight friends went cycling from the IIT Madras Campus to Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai at 12 in the night and killed time till 4 in the morning. Till date it continues to be the most memorable day of my life. It was a simple outing to the beach, normal chit chat & making fun of each other, but the fun of cycling 18 kms at 12 in the night beats it all. Man, happy to have had that great Boys Day Out & Alag was an important part of it.
  2. He’s got some decent taste but too hardworking. Like in my final year project, the one chap who ends up doing all the work but doesn’t get any credit. Typical of him.
  3. One dedicated chap whom no one should ever trust. Trust at your own risk.

P.S. His real name is Potti Venkata Sai Krishna…his house owner calls him “Krishnaaa”, Ms. Veronica calls him Venkat while the rest of the world calls him Alag or Sai.
P.P.S. Wrote this 2 years back. Came across this again today..



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  2. Sameer Anirudh · July 18, 2010

    no no you can never reach that PJ expertise….until or unless you have the contagious PJ professor around..who obviously is renown…

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