The simplest example that God has given up hope on mankind is Dr. Sam…(Now, I will write an essay about him, like in 2nd class, when we had to write on any given topic )

He is very well known for :
1. His Dictionary, without which, talking about Sam is incomplete.
2. His PJs…he is next only to Sameer.
3. Sense of timing when it comes to using foul language…dunno whether its intentional or not but generally embarrasses everyone around him.
4. Time Bomb…all of a sudden he will get excited & start shouting & abusing & etc.
5. Last but not the least…He is a Pawan Kalyan Fan & sings “Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra RaRa Bangaram” & “Jalsa” 24/7…
6. Very few people who talk to him refer to him by his real name..

Eshav Kada..Pettindayya..FREE…
These would be the initial reactions of Sam when he will come to know that I wrote something on him…



This confused psychopath hasn’t taken one proper decision in his life and is an expert at losing Mobile Phones. He is an ultra pampered son who believes that the coolest thing to do is to smoke & drink.

I can give you a detailed story on why & how he got the name doctor but not here. Off late, doctor bhai has also started “Blogging”, dunno about what but surely it will be funny. [No please don’t misunderstand me, am not talking of his sense of humor]

Well, anyway, Sam Boy…we all remember your DVD shopping with Pavan near Sec-bad station and am sure you will never change…:)

Way to go…



  1. Pranav Kumar V · December 19, 2008

    Leave it to you to really introduce a person (as he is!!) to the rest of the world and you’re right at it, doing it the best way possible!! First Putty, now Sam!!! LOL!!

  2. Wandering Warrior · February 9, 2009

    ThanQ ThanQ…all credit to Sam Boy for making things so off the edge all the time…Coming up next is Sameer

  3. Suresh · April 8, 2009

    Well the credit for that DVD shopping goes to hadavidi mama.

  4. Suresh · April 8, 2009

    Aina edho rashav ga . . free po !!

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