Putti Gaadu…made for Chennai

A lean guy with short hair, in a pink full hands shirt tucked into a black pant, a blue bag on his back, & sporting black Reebok shoes, walking towards the clocktower bus stop is a common site on a weekday, at 8:40 in the morning. He greets you with a fragile handshake and mumbles a “Hi”. If do not pay enough attention, you might miss that “Hi”. He rarely talks & never smiles. His presence wont make your tummy blast with laughter, nor is it too boring. He speaks in one liners & sometimes replies only in one word. You start talking (you always have to start the conversation) about something like internet or books or studies or engineering or anything related to computers, then he will talk, only he. You wont get a chance to talk.

He prefers to be left alone. When you travel with him, you will feel like cursing yourself for bringing this headache upon you. He will crack some stupid joke & laugh. He will irritate you and always tries making someone the bakra of the day and he generally ends up being “the one”. Everybody who know him, abuse him. Some even slap him for no good reason.And the day before the exams, he is flooded with phone calls( for obvious reasons).

If you judge a person on the basis of his behaviour & actions: the above lines define a guy often called


Going to Chennai

Going to Chennai



Let us judge him by his intentions.

He is kind to everybody. Even to those who abuse him & slap him. He answers all the phone calls as if all were his bestest friends. He claims that he has no enemies. He’s got this reserved classic taste when it comes to movies that he finds even Lord of the Rings childish. Always uses the word “dash” instead of any abusive word. Ex. “Aaa Na Dash Gadu…”. Not so bad na, he’s currently in a place where this quote is apt “Money cant buy happiness”. [:P][:P]

Grow Young Putti…. bU hA hA hA hA hA hA



  1. PK · December 11, 2008

    Ah good old Putty!! How’s he doing?? I’m not even able to take Rajani jokes here in B’lore!! He’s like the bolster on your couch, you kick it, hit it, place your bum on it but, you just can’t do without it!!

    Are you kidding?? Of course Lord of the Rings is funny!! And I don’t have any enemies either!! 😀

    • Wandering Warrior · December 27, 2008

      Are you comparing urself to the inimitable Puthraya?

  2. LKC · December 27, 2008

    The pig deserves more!

  3. Suresh · April 8, 2009

    Dude your depicting him as a very reserved person, I don’t think that’s always the case.

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