Gurthukosthunnai: Memories are coming back

Today, after a long gap, for reasons I fail to remember, I wanted to look at my industrial tour pics. Infact, I started writing blogs only to maintain an account of all the activities that we guys did when we went on that ultra memorable tour and slowly the reason went out of my mind and now am back….Ippudu Gurthukochindi. Here is its story with some pics:

Men in Black

Men in Black

We three were the main organisers, Sam took care of transportation & accommodation. Rohith was the Finance & Home Minister [:P]. I took care of the white paper & formalities…it was pretty good fun. “Hi. I am Kalyan Ram from Vasavi College of Engineering and am representing the Electronics Branch and we would like to visit your industry to learn the practical side of our four years of Engineering.” in the fulltoo TOEFL & GRE isthyle…
The glasses Suit him perfectly

The glasses Suit him perfectly

We were helped by Sameer, Karthik & Babu.
The best part was that our Photographer was Pavan (more popularly known as H) and he never knew what to click and what not. Like for instance, what is the need for this photo ???? Anyway, lets continue with the story, we started of with our first stop at Pune. The train journey was absolute fun…JL & Murali woke up everybody at 6 in the morning and & started shooting a video as to how people react when they wake up…we saw that video later on in Mahabaleshwar at 12 in the night & it was doubly amazing.We reached Pune at about 9 in the morning & after spending some time at the Hotel, we went to a Museum & the Snake Park and the famous Temple & visited a Fort too.

To be continued….


One comment

  1. sameer · March 16, 2009

    not to forget the way we removed the chains of GD’s and Deepak’s Berths while going to goa and Deepak ran to the first bogey at next stop haha

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