Jeeves & Wooster – Nowhere close to the book!

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is God.

Yesterday, after a lot of delay I had finally laid my hands on a copy of Jeeves and Wooster, Season 1 Episode 1, the T.V. adaptation of Woody boy’s good old classics. I confess, my expectations because of the author were very high. Add to it, as per IMDB, the series has a ratnig of 8.9/10 at present with some amazing reviews. I expected that I will laugh as much as I do when I watch Tom & Jerry or even some Brahmanandam scene in any Telugu movie. And, the series ran for four seasons. Common, that’s enough reason for any Wodehouse worshipper to watch it.

But sadly folks, the episode sucked. Big Time. Looking back at some of the characters, Bertie Wooster reminded me starkly of Akshay Kumar from any of his recent stupid comic attempts. There was gross over action and no humor. Jeeves was FAT, not even healthy. The Jeeves image that we see on some of the books was what I had pictured Jeeves to look like. Aunt Agatha was irritating to say the least. I can go on ranting about it but will stop it with this much.

With utter disappointment, I recommend all the Woody fans out there to give it the adaptation a skip. Not even a try. It’s hopeless.

Image courtesy Wikipedia.

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